Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Power of Silence

A beautiful passage I read somewhere...

Listening is not just about listening to someone else or yourself talk. Listening is also about listening to the silence that is in us, around us. All our talking is just waves upon an ocean of beautiful silence.

Have you ever heard silence? Create space and time in your life for listening to silence. Make a practice of spending some time everyday doing this. Don't listen for the sake of hearing anything, for the sake of getting some information. Just be a wave; be open to silence. It is in silence you learn the most. Only in silence can you truly understand life, poetry, nature. This silence is not a passive silence, it is a positive, listening silence. It is the silence of deep communion.

There is a big difference between communication and communion. Communication is the science of conveying information in words and action. Communion is the pure transfer of energy; it is beyond words. Communion is the gift of the Master. It does not need words. In fact, the Master can give you more with his spells of silence than with his words, if you know how to listen.

When you listen to the Master, listen as if you would listen to the birds or the wind. When you listen to the birds, do you believe or disbelieve? Do you agree or disagree? Neither! You simply allow. It is not an intellectual process. Simply listen with openness, with receptivity, and you will automatically enter into deep communion with the Master.

Silence is a beautiful way of entering meditation. In fact, silence itself is a great meditation technique. It is a great healing and rejuvenating power.

~ Swami Nithyanand