Sunday, April 22, 2018

Adventures of the MaMu - 5: The Sanyasi on Synapse

It's rare that one encounters interesting individuals – individuals who excite you, inspire you, who live by principles that arouse the highest ideals in you. As she was walking down one of life’s narrow by-lanes, our dear MaMu bumped right into one such interesting character – a Sanyasi – a Sanyasi on Synapse!

The sanyasi had been pedalling away furiously on his bicycle – a sleek white Cannondale Synapse. He was tall, dark, focussed, with an intelligent glint in his eyes. In place of the ochre-orange flowing garb donned by folks of his kind, he wore neon synthetics instead. The impact of the collision made him jump off his bike and look disdainfully at the floundering figure of poor MaMu fallen on the ground. Who was this creature that had interrupted his resolute journey? For her part, MaMu was gawking at the Sanyasi in complete astonishment, having been unexpectedly knocked off her feet (quite literally) by this new-age recluse.

With the sanyasi staring down at her in a piercing gaze, MaMu scrambled to her feet and apologized for the inconvenience caused (although she didn’t know if it were her fault at all!). The sanyasi impatiently nodded his head and turned to go. MaMu’s curiosity got the better of her – one doesn’t bump into a sanyasi often, and a modern one at that!
“May I ask you a question, Sir?” she enquired politely, and before he could even answer, in her inimitable style, proceeded to ask him ten!

Her brief tête-à-tête with him gave her an insight into the life of a modern-day sanyasi. Although she would have liked to know more, the sanyasi wasn’t very forthcoming and held on to what he would have perhaps liked to say. The conversation turned interesting (and inspiring for MaMu) when the sanyasi mentioned that he led a frugal, spartan life - a simple, sustainable, eco-friendly one in harmony with nature - away from the hustle-bustle of fast-paced city life. That was right up MaMu’s lane! He cycled to work to save fuel (yes, he did have a regular job and 3 bicycles!), hung dried his clothes to save electricity, carried meals in a steel container to avoid using disposable cutlery and generating unwanted refuse, and harboured dreams of building a house run on solar power. “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” seemed to be his mantra, as it was MaMu’s. The sanyasi was witty, well-read and a globe trotter who had many a story to tell that he magically wove into a mesmerising bouquet of fact, philosophy, humour and wit. He was a champion of social justice and child rights, and actively engaged in promoting these. Oh, and he loved to cook! All this at the age of 42! But then, maybe it is the right age for wisdom to flow – after all, 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything!

With that brief yet meaningful conversation concluding, the sanyasi cycled away, just as easily as he had cycled into her life, leaving in his wake an awe-struck and stirred-to-the-core MaMu. She was much more aware now than before of her strength, her potential, her weakness and her goal in life. She had been tested in a way that only she knew how, on past lessons learnt, and was enthused into action to achieve what was meant to be achieved by her. Although MaMu would have liked the association to continue, it was time to move on. After all, he was a Sanyasi – a wanderer – a nomad in search of his next destination, his next adventure.

Sometimes, the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.
                                                      ~ Amadeus Wolfe
So it was for MaMu.

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Post Script: 
The handwritten letter shall remain unposted. The polymer clay birthday gift will eventually see the light of day. And the Sanyasi shall definitely be missed.

Happy 42, Sanyasi! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.


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