Tuesday, March 28, 2006

For The Want Of A Name ...

Hello World! :)
Its feels great to finally have a blog of my own, rather, to finally start posting on it! Have been on Blogger.com since September 2005 and this is my first post yet! Why, you ask? Well, here’s why… All for the want of a name!
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet." --William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)
For starters, I came up with ‘Illusions, the most popular meaning of my name. Although I liked it [my MSN ID used to be ‘The Power of Illusion’ :)] friends disagreed. It seemed to them as if I were hallucinating…Whatever!
Next came ‘Maya’s blog’ …How very original! Ditch without second thoughts!
A great deal of exercising the grey cells later I managed to churn up a few more extremely disappointing names - ‘Travails of a Mad Scientist’, ‘The Absent –minded Professor’, ‘The Blundering Biologist’…. only one word…. Dayaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! For the non-Hindi, non-IIT-B readers (readers, if at all!) ‘Dayaa’ means ‘Mercy’ … kind of like ‘Spare me! Anything but THIS!’
By this time, which was considerably long, taking into account the fact that it took me at least a week to come up with each new name; I was feeling all empty-headed and completely blank. So a dear friend Maverick came up with the name ‘Thoughts from an Empty Skull’… er… well that might be true you know, but I like to indulge in an elevated sense of superiority – smart, brainy, intelligent girl – you get the picture? So there! Another good name dropped!
Utopian Dreams’ was also suggested around the same time. Nice name, but…nah... didn't feel right.
Nash suggested ‘Mayalogy’. ‘Mayalogy… M-A-Y-A-ology’… imagine Shaan singing that… *sigh* I like it !!! But hey! I don’t want my blog to be mistaken for a research database on the Mayan civilization, do I? Sorry Nash :(
Nash also happened to suggest ‘About Maya and Men’… MERCY, Nash! What’s there to write about anyway? ;)
After several such unsuccessful attempts at thinking up the Perfect Blog Name and pestering friends to the point where they started showing me the cold shoulder, I sat back and did some real deep thinking - a major feat in itself - and finally came up with ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. (By now, you must have realized how very creative a mind I have, brimming with ‘original’ ideas) Nonetheless, I liked the name. It gave a wonderful philosophical touch … me the pilgrim undertaking the long journey we call life… Very nice… And so the name stuck… until a month or so later, with not a single post on the blog, Blogger.com decided to discontinue my pilgrimage :(
So began the second phase in the search for the Perfect Blog Name…
For a long time after that, nothing other than ‘Writer’s Block’ came to my mind…
And then… on a not-so-fine day, after another series of failed experiments, shouting from the research guide and a miserable search for the Perfect Blog Name, a very depressed me came back to the hostel room, switched on the computer, logged onto the movie server and watched 'Lemony Snicket's – A Series of Unfortunate Events’. Not the stereotypical Jim Carrey movie, but I enjoyed it anyway. A must watch for all depressed and distressed souls.

A sudden inspiration while watching this movie lead to the discovery of the Perfect Blog Name … ‘Lemony Snippets – the sweet, sour and bitter tastes of life’ Purrrrrrrrfect! Wonderful! Excellent! Just what the doc advised! Like I mentioned before, I am a person brimming with original ideas ;)
So now, I have my Very Own Blog with the Perfect Blog Name and I plan to bug anyone and everyone who reads it with loads of useless nonsense, worthless advice, bad formatting, miniscule font size, gaudy colours, extra long sentences with punctuation marks in all the wrong places (I'm really good at that!) and of course, not to forget the very generous dose of smileys sprinkled here and there and everywhere ...
Happy Reading! :))