Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi Dad, Wishing You Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :)

It's been a long time since I wrote to you. Thought I should give you an update about myself, Amma and things in general. Amma and I are fine, missing you though. Amma keeps shuttling between Mumbai and Bengaluru. She gets bored in Mumbai since I'm not around, and bored in Bangalore since I'm still not around... you see, I spend the whole day (and sometimes the night too) in the lab! I feel bad, but what can I do? I need to get a PhD, right? I've promised Amma that I won't work on Sundays when she's in Bangalore and spend time with her. Sadly, I've yet to keep that promise. Amma's very understanding about the whole thing, but I do feel guilty at taking her for granted each time like this :(

About my PhD... well, it's moving on, at a snail's pace though. Thought I'd hit upon something at long last, but then things stopped working. I've been trying different experiments, different ways to prove my hypothesis, but it remains elusive. I just hope and pray that no one catches up upon the same idea before I publish my results! I'm sure thousands of other grad students are praying for the same!

Aani kalle naa. I visit the Math whenever possible. Amma attends the Sanskrit Sambhashan class regularly and took part in the Sanskrit program when HH was here for Yugadi. She was a superhit! Her Prahelika and Family introduction got a thunderous applause from not only the audience present but from HH himself :) I've put up the photos in my Picasa album. You can have a look there.

Hope you are doing fine up there. How do you spend your time? I'm the proud keeper of your entire Wodehouse collection. Reading them reminds me of you and the laughs we shared together, and I know that even today you share the jokes with me; that I never laugh alone. I just wish that you were here all hale and hearty, so Amma, you and I could share those wonderful times again.

That's all for now. Please pray that I finish my PhD soon and get more time to spend with Amma. There are other matters to be attended too, other than the PhD, right? You are also looking into them I hope ;)

Lotsa love.