Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adventures of The MaMu - 4: Electra Unleashed

After an inordinate delay in buying a matching silver helmet to go with her silver Electra, MaMu couldn't resist 'unleashing Electra onto the unsuspecting populace of Namma Bengaluru' as Gurumaiyya puts it :D

So on Saturday, the 17th of November, 2007, MaMu rode out through the Circle Maramma gates of IISc onto the mean and crowded streets of Malleswaram. With NiNa riding pillion (and praying fervently to Maramma Devi for a safe ride), Electra sailed smoothly over the pot-holed streets and safely dropped NiNa at MES college. From there, Electra was directed towards MaMu's cousin's house at 8th cross, cousin picked up, and given a long and enjoyable ride (scary, according to cuz... hmmmpf, kuch bhi!) through the by-lanes of Malleswaram. After dinner, MaMu took Electra out onto the streets again to check the night traffic, and came back victorious, in one piece, to an extremely worried mother. MaMu's smile said it all :)

Overall, a day well spent. Not only did MaMu gain confidence of riding Electra in the traffic, but must also be given due credit for reminding the aam junta of the Hanuman Chalisa they might have learnt as children. Those who haven't, are sure to learn it now! 

With MaMu and Electra on the loose, protection from The Almighty is mandatory! :P