Friday, August 03, 2007

Traffic Signal

This blogpost is dedicated to MaMu's first misadventure on the roads of Bengaluru, and to a friend's recently-sold Hero Honda Passion, a bike on whose pillion only beautiful (mind you, 'beautiful' and not 'pretty' :P) girls were allowed to sit.

Innovation at its best! Here's how people the world over mislead the traffic cops...

How men wish for such a custom-made seatbelt for their wives/ girl friends/ mothers/ sisters/ aunts... basically, for the entire womankind that does all the back-seat driving ;)

But my advice to all drivers, be it of two-, three-, four- or more wheelers, PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY, 'cause there is someone waiting for you to reach home safely; and such is the case for those on the roads without vehicles too. Please pay heed to the Pyaar Ka Signal as well. Not everyone is as lucky as Lord Ganesha.

And for those who drive rashly, do not obey traffic rules and for those who drink and drive, this is precisely the fate that awaits you... 

Truly for such people, "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear", especially the one in the picture above.
(The last two images won a special mention under the 'Road Safety' category at the UNICEF Best Advertisements awards)


Blogger nissim said...

My driving license has the number 007...
it's the License to Kill.
So beware if u see me in ur rear-view mirror.

11:17 am  
Blogger Tallur said...

nice post mamu

9:41 pm  

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