Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holi Hai !

I remember the first time I played with colours as a kid... I was only 4 years old and decided to accompany my neighbour (who was 12, btw :)) and play with the other kids in Ozar T/S. Since I did not have a 'Pichkari', Mom improvised the 'Jalebi- maker' into a cute little Pichkari and filled it with water for me. The moment I stepped out of my house, Megha didi smothered my face in black paint, and I stepped back into the house crying... Pehli Holi par mera muh kaala hua :D

Things have changed a lot since then. I discovered I'm allergic to the commercially available colours and kept to playing with water at home with Mom. Even after shifting to Mumbai, I would just stand in my balcony and look longingly at fellow colony-ites playing and shouting downstairs. But I sure had fun showering bucketfuls of water down on them :)

When in IIT-B, I simply ran home on Rang Panchami day!

And in IISc, well, what should I say! I had specifically told everyone that I would not be playing colours and to call me only for the snacks later on. But who listens to a Fresher? I was cornered outside my hostel by labmates and department friends. The result:

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I had to wash myself for an hour and a half to take off all those colours! But thankfully, no allergic rash this time :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Festival of Colours. May God grant all of us the beautiful colours of life, love, happiness, health, wealth and all other colours that we want to paint our lives with. I end with a beautiful sms that I received

"Pyar ke rang se bharo pichkari, Sneh ke rang se rang do duniya saari, Ye rang na jaane koi boli, aapko mubarak ho apno ki ye Holi"


Blogger Damanpreet singh said...

khoob holi kheli hai is baar ro

11:10 pm  
Blogger Shrek said...

Well, may be you have somehow developed an immunity to the colours now. :P

6:57 pm  
Blogger me ^^ said...

How cute! *hugs*

11:53 pm  

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